EasyClocking’s Time & Attendance Software Release 2.16

Below you will find EasyClocking’s time and attendance software release notes for the 2.16 release. Our company is constantly looking to make improvements to our Time and Attendance suite if you have any additional comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to us directly by phone or by comment!

Release 2.16 Change Document
Development Start Date: Monday 02/03/2016 Release Date: Friday 03/11/2016 @ 6:30 PM EST Estimated Downtime: NONE

Project Classification Projects can now be classified as ‘Capitalized’ Yes/No. To enable this classification, it needs to be set at the projects and job settings.

Timesheet Bulk Approval Bulk approval of Time Sheets is available with this release. All timesheets that are submitted can be processed as bulk and approved.

Accrual Past Start Date With this release, the accrual start date can be set at creation or edited afterwards to a past date. Only time-based accrual hours can be modified to a past start date.

Exact Value for Accrual Carry Over Now accrual carry over can also be indicated as an exact value. Earlier only percentage value was available.

Who’s In Job Code With this release, the last job code is displayed in the Who’s In Tab for each employee. Earlier the first one was.

Decimal Accuracy for Accrual With this release, up to four decimal accuracy is available for absence accrual. This is done at the absence type setting.

Changes to Holiday Absence Type With this release, the holiday absence type can be considered regular counted towards weekly OT or not. Also the worked hours can be paid as OT directly with a rate multiplier


Anniversary Report In the general category there is the anniversary report now to show the employee anniversaries. The filter can be monthly or for multiple months.

Terminated/Inactive Employees In general category there is now a report to show both inactive and terminated employees.

Weekly Schedule Report This is a weekly schedule report now displaying location, time and job. The report is printable in an easy to read and present format.


Timecard Weekly Report The report was displaying wrong dates in the report compared to the selection of date period.

Actual Vs Scheduled Report The schedule changes and out of shift approvals were not properly being calculated. With this release the calculations are corrected.

XENIO Questionnaire Integration With this release, Xenio line of smart time clocks are fully integrated into the Time and Attendance software for managing and reporting on questionnaire functionality.

Punch and Breaks Integration With this release, Xenio line of smart time clocks are fully integrated into the Time and Attendance software for managing punch and breaks functionality. This includes both indication and restriction of punches and breaks.

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