EasyClocking’s Time & Attendance Software Release

Below you will find EasyClocking’s time and attendance software release notes for the 2.8 release. Our company is constantly looking to make improvements to our Time and Attendance suite if you have any additional comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to us directly by phone or by comment!

Hourly Rate Allowed Value Increase
Now the hourly rate can go up to 99,999.99 to mostly support international currency rates. Earlier the upper limit was 999.99.
Bulk Geo Location Assign
With this release, all geo-locations can be assigned to an employee in one assign-all operation.
BUG Fix – Job Code in Add Time
Job Code was available in Add Time even if job code feature was not subscribed to. This release fixes it.
Schedule On-the-fly
Added the ability to add shift to an employee directly from the schedule.
Who is In Export
Time Clock name field is now part of the Who is In export.
Assign Job Codes in Bulk to User
Many/all the jobs can be selected and assigned to the user from the user tab.
Holidays Paid
Holidays can be paid with this release seperately, without counting it towards weekly overtime hours.
Timesheet Filters
Added filter function to timesheets.
Privilege Fix
Admin account privilege can now be separated to add an employee, but not see the pay rate.
Accrual Based on Hire Date Seniority
Accrual can now be defined and assigned to the users based on their hire date seniority. The accrual rules will automatically apply when the respective hire date anniversary is hit.
Timesheets Report
Report for Not Approved Timesheets is now available.
Timesheets Report
Report for Un-submitted Timesheets is now available.
Contractor Filter
Made changes to show filter information of the contractor in the cover page.
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