EasyClocking’s Time & Attendance Software Release

Below you will find EasyClocking’s time and attendance software release notes dating back from July 21, 2014. Our company is constantly looking to make improvements to our Time and Attendance suite if you have any additional comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to us directly by phone or by comment!

Bulk User Assignment to Time Clock
Before this release the employee information needed to be uploaded one at a time. With this release, employees can be uploaded in groups up to 100 at a time. The users to be uploaded to the time clock can now be chosen by various filter criteria. These users then can be uploaded to the selected time clock.
Employee Portal Messaging
The messaging application is now extended to employee portal as well. Earlier the application was limited to admin users. The messaging system is available for users of the time and attendance system for internal communication.
Employee Portal Job Transfer
Now an employee changing from one job to another job during the same shift can initiate it from the employee portal. This will help to automatically punch out from the earlier job and punch in to the new job when clocked out after the earlier job. Before this feature, one has to punch out from the earlier job and punch in to the new job at times losing time in between. The new feature just requires the employee to punch in to the new job and it will automatically punch him/her out from the previous job.
Release Notification and Notes
With this release, users of the system will see alerts of the upcoming release with details of the release and detailed notes available online.
Clock Admin Report
Report to show users with admin privileges on the clock
Out-of-shift Report
Report to show worked hours outside the schedule assigned.
Real Punch-in time Vs Rounded and Modified time
Report to show real punch-in time versus rounded and/or modified punches. This helps to determine tardy and see modification if any to the original time.
PTO Approval Report
Report to show who and when the PTO was approved.
Custom Absence Type Report
Report to show data on additional absence types created by the client.
Add Time Notes Report
Report to show the notes entered at the time of adding time manually.
Time card Department Totals Report
Report to show time card totals by department.
Display Report Header on All Pages
Reports will now show the header info/field name on all pages, not just on the first one.
Save Report Settings
The report settings made by each user will now be saved for later use.
Custom Absence Type
Additional absence types created by the client are now available to be exported to the respective payroll systems.
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