How To Trim Payroll Without Layoffs The EasyClocking Way

Having read Diana Ransom’s article on “How To Trim Payroll Without Layoffs” it got me thinking, businesses worldwide essentially all want the same thing in relation to payroll… To find the easiest and quickest ways to trim payroll costs without having to lay off valued employees. Being a provider of Biometric Time and Attendance Solutions we at EasyClocking can help do just that by providing Smart time management software and hardware. Ok, so I know what you’re thinking but we’re paid to say this, can we prove it? Let’s go over some of key points and you be the judge.

Keep employees working

In her article, Ray Friedman, a management professor at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. mentions “Small companies, can receive similar cost savings by having current employees perform jobs that you would otherwise hire someone to do.” Instituting a Biometric Time and Attendance System will eliminate the idea of having  to police your employees to  ensure a busier workforce. Furthermore, increased efficiency  from instituting such a system will result in increased savings as payroll managers will be able to focus on operational tasks rather than having to manually calculate employee hours worked.  A less thought about side effect is the intrinsic factor of motivation implementing a Smart Time and Attendance System will have on employee morale. As your employees feel less direct supervision from management,  employees have been found to be more empowered by the added independence of being able to check schedules online as well as clock in or out on the go.

Remove Inefficient Payroll Processes

Another issue addressed by the use of a time and attendance system, would be the ever present inefficient processes. With the use of some of the more advanced features within our Time and Attendance Solution such as job costing companies are now able to peer in on valuable insights such as how long specific job processes take within their companies. For example, with the use of the multi-layer job tracking feature you can easily see how long an employee takes on specific jobs for clients. There are two key points of data crucial to your business processes that can be documented with a feature like this. The first being the time it takes to complete a given task as well as payroll costs associated to each task. With this set of privy information you will be able to cue in on your business metrics. With these advanced features and audit trail you can improve upon specified processes within your workflow as well as  accurately estimate billing of clients for each portion of any given projects. Imagine the yearly savings of thousands of dollars to be had every year!

Accurately Keep Track of Vacation Accruals

I’m sure every manager has been put in a similar situation at least once in their career wherein one of your employees makes a request for paid time off. How many times have you been asked for a vacation request from an employee, and you granted it without knowing the exact amount of paid time off actually associated to said employee? I am going to go out on the limb here and say most of us are guilty! Being a manager myself, I’ll admit that I’ve been guilty of forgetting to keep track of vacation accruals of my team members many times in the past. Luckily for me I now have a Smart Time and Attendance System to keep track of these things for me. 

Why go through the headaches of calculating time manually and risk running into mistakes which could essentially lead to a rise in your payroll processing time and costs? Great strides have been made within the Biometric industry today and now is the time for you to look into implementing a Smart Biometric Time and Attendance System within your facilities.

It’s unbelievable how rugged and reliable this premium technology really is! To think such technology was once considered purely science fiction. Now if only we could make those flying cars or some of that Jetsons family technology come to a reality….
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